219.902 km²


2,1 Mil.

Time difference to CET

-8 h

Middle temperatures in summer

34 c

Middle temperatures in winter

-7 c


Salt Lake City


Utah is a state in the west of the USA. It is famous because of the canyons: Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, Gray Canyon. The two big rivers in Utah are the Colorado and the Snake River. There are also two natural lakes: the Salt Lake and the Lake Utah.

The Indian tribes that stil live in Utah as a minority are the Navajo, the Ute and the Schoschon.

In the year 1847 the first Mormons - a religious community, that has been persecuted in Ohio, Missouri and Illinois - came to Utah. Today this community has about eight million members, half of them are living in the United States.


Landscape in Utah

The fascinating landscape has been created be process of erosion.



Meander Canyon, Utah

During millions of years the Colorado has cut gorges and canyons into the Colorado Plateau.



Newspaper Rock Historical Monument

In Newspaper Rock State Park in the southeast of Utah you can see writings of Indians on many rocks.



Paiute, Utah

In the southwest of Utah the Paiute Indians lived in earlier times.


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Mormon temple

From 1853 to 1859 the Mormons built their main temple in Salt Lake City.

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