691.027 km²


19,4 Mil.

Time difference to CET

-7 / -8 h

Middle temperatures in summer

37 c

Middle temperatures in winter

-5 c




Hueco Mountains in the west of Texas

There are some mountains in the west of Texas.



Dallas (Texas)

During the sixties Dallas developed economically very fast.



Houston (Texas)

Houston is an important centre of the oil industry and the financial world.



Chief Quanah

Chief Quanah defended the rights of his people against the white settlers in the seventies of the 19th century.



Alamo Chapel in San Antonio (Texas)

In the War of Independence in Texas 180 rebels took shelter in the mission. On March, 6th 1836 Mexican soldiers killed them.



Lyndon B. Johnson Space Centre, Houston

In the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center there is the control centre for space flights of the NASA.

by Sebastian

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