80.700 km²


3.5 Mil.

Time difference to CET

-6 h

Middle temperatures in summer


Middle temperatures in winter





South Carolina isn´t a big state. The capital city is Columbia. It lies in the middle of the state and is the biggest city in South Carolina. The name Columbia is taken from Christoph Kolumbus. Famous buildings are the Art Museum, the Museum of Afro-American Culture and the University of South Carolina, which has been founded in the year 1801.

South Carolina has got about 3.5 million inhabitants. Most of the about 8.000 Indians which still live in South Carolina are members of the Catawba tribe.


Table Rock in South Carolina

The Table Rock is part of the Piedmont Plateau.



Charleston (South Carolina)

There are many well restored houses from the 18th century in Charleston.



Shrimp fishing

Fishing is a profitable economical determinant in South Carolina.

by Elie

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