181.049 km²


3,3 Mil.

Time difference to CET

- 7 h

Middle temperatures in summer

34 C°

Middle temperatures in winter

- 4 C°


Oklahoma City


Oklahoma City is the capital of Oklahoma. The city is an important commercial centre. The State Capitol was built mostly with limestone. You can also visit the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Heritage Centre. Educational institutions are the Midwest Christian College (1946), the University of Oklahoma City (1904) and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre (1900).

An Indian population already lived in the area of Oklahoma in early days.
In 1887 the country got connected to the railway. 1928 oil and gas resources were found.

In April 1995 a 1800 kg heavy car bomb detonated in Oklahoma City. 167 people were killed.


Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma

The "Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge" was established near the city Medicine Park in the Wichita Mountain Range. Longhorns, moose and buffaloes live there.



Great Plains

In the dry Great Plains there is the Black Mesa, the highest elevation in the state of Oklahoma.



Chisholm Trail Festival in Yukon

On the Chisholm Trail Festival cattle are brought to the north in the same way as in the 19th century.



Dust storm in Oklahoma

During the thirties there had been many dust storms in Oklahoma. Many farmers had to leave the country.



Bomb attack in Oklahoma City

Because of a bomb attack 167 people had to die in April 1995 in Oklahoma City.

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