183.119 km²


0,641 Mil.

Time difference to CET

-7/-8 h

Middle temperatures in summer


Middle temperatures in winter





North Dakota is one of the most northern states of the the USA. The rivers in that state are the Missouri and the Red River and their tributary rivers. The biggest waters is the Sakakawea, a reservoir made by the Garrison Dam.

The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck. The most important sights in this town are the State Capitol and the North Dakota Heritage Center.

South of Bismarck is the Indian reservation Standing Rock, where "Sitting Bull", the famous chief of the Hunkpapa-Sioux was killed on December, the 15th in 1890.

The town of Bismarck has been founded in the year of 1872 by whites. The name is taken from the German Reichskanzler Otto von Bismarck.


Little Missouri

During thousands of years the Little Missouri has cut its way deeply into the landscape.



Winter in North Dakota

In severe winters Indians were often the guides for settlers.

by Waldemar

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