21.456 km²


6,1 Mil.

Time difference to CET

-6 h

Middle temperatures in summer

27 c

Middle temperatures in winter

- 8 c




Massachusetts is in the north of the U.S.A. The capital city is Boston. On the flat coast in the east there are many bays, the peninsula Cape Cod and two islands, Nantucket and Martha`s Vineyard.

The most important rivers are the Connecticut River in the west and the Merrimack River in the Northeast.

90% of Massachusetts` inhabitants are white, 5% are black and the remaining 5% are Latin Americans, Asians and Indians.


The coast of Massachusetts

The coast of Massachusetts is more than 300 kilometres long.



Harvard University in Cambridge (Massachusetts)

It is the oldest university in the USA. It opened in the year 1636.



Boston (Massachusetts, USA)

Boston is one of the leading financial and cultural centres in the USA.

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