134.275 km²


4,4 mio.

Time difference to CET

7 h

Middle temperatures in summer

34 c

Middle temperatures in winter

3 c


Baton Rouge


In the year 1812 Lousiana became a state of the USA. It is set in the south, at the Gulf of Mexico, between the states Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma. The area of Lousiana is 134,275 square kilometres. 4,4 million people are living in this state, 33% of them are blacks. Baton Rouge is the capital, it is located at the Mississippi. 21.900 people live there. The biggest town in Lousiana is New Orleans. It´s the biggest port of the state, too. In the south-east of Lousiana you can find the delta of the Mississippi. Half of the area of Lousiana is fertile land. The farmes cultivate cotton, rice, corn and other things on their fields. There are also many fishing grounds and woodworks. Lousiana has a lot of ground treasures like oil, gas, sulphur, coal and other chemical things.


Mississippi Queen

You can go for a ride on a riverboat in Louisiana.

In 1807 the American inventor Robert Fulton built the first river boat.



Dixieland-Jazz, New Orleans

A mixture of Blacks, Creoles and Cajuns created a unique culture.

by Andreas

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