213.110 km²


2.6 Mil.

Time difference to CET

-7/-8 h

Middle temperatures in summer

34 c

Middle temperatures in winter

-9 c




Kansas is a state in the middlewest of the United States of America. It has got about 2.6 million inhapitants. It became a member of the USA on January, 29th in 1861 as the thirty-fourth state.

The name Kansas comes from a tribe of the Sioux Indians called Kansa.

Agriculture is of great importance in this state and they have also got important industry like the aircraft industry or mechanical engineering.


Cattle willows in Kansas (USA)

In Kansas you can see about six million cattle.



Wichita (Kansas, USA)

Wichita is located at the river Arkansas.



Holy bundle of the Pawnee

In earlier times the Pawnee were an important Indian tribe.

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