424.002 km²


32,3 Mil.

Time differerence to CET

-9 h

Middle temperatures in summer

37 c

Middle temperatures in winter

3 c




California is in the soutwest coust of the USA. With 424.002 km² this state is one of the biggest in the USA. The capital is Sacramento, but the biggest town is Los Angeles and the most important harbour is San Francisco.

In California the farmers grow a lot of grain and vegetables. Also you can
find there big orange and cotton plantations. Wine and rice is grown there. too. A lot of oil has been found in California.

Many tourists from all over the world come to Californa to spend their holidays there.


Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney in the Sierra Nevada of East California is 4418 metres high.



Yosemite Waterfalls

The Yosemite Waterfalls are falling down 740 metres.


wpe14.jpg (9538 Byte)


Redwood Trees

In California there are the famous redwood trees.

The biggest living creature on the earth is the General Sherman Tree. It is 84 metres high and has a diameter of 11 metres.



Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles is the centre of the film, radio and music industry.



San Francisco

Traditional houses and modern skyscrapers.




The Hollywood sign points to America`s world famous film and TV metropolis.



Earthquake in San Francisco

The earthquake of 1906 was one of the worst ones in men`s history. More than 3 000 people died and about 28 000 buildings were destroyed.

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