295.276 km²


4,6 Mil.

Time difference to CET

-8 h

Middle temperatures in summer

40 c

Middle temperatures in winter

4 c




Arizona is a federal state in south-west of the USA near the Mexican border. The area measures 295.276 square kilometres. The state has got  3.936.000 inhabitants. A number of them are Indians. There are some reservations for Navajos, Hopis and others. The capital of Arizona is Phoenix. Another big city is Tucson.

Arizona joined the union in 1912. It is also called "The Grand Canyon State", because of its famous national park. The best-known river of the state is the Colorado river.


Alligator Rocks in Grand Canyon Nationalpark, Arizona

The Canyon is 1,6 kilometers deep.

You get spectacular views when you fly over the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


Monument Valley, Arizona

Monument Valley is one of the most impressing natural landmarks in Arizona.



More than 200 000 Indians are living in Arizona. Most of them are Navajo or Hopi.



Geronimo was a famous chief of the Apachi Indians in Arizona.

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