1. Size

135.775 km²

2. Inhabitants

4,3 Mio.

3. Time difference to CET

-7 h

4. Middle temperatures in summer

33 c

5. Middle temperatures in winter

0 c

6. Capital



In 1819 Alabama became the 22nd state of the USA. It is set in the south-east at the Gulf of Mexico, between the states Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. The total area of Alabama is about  136.000 square kilometres. 4,38 million people live there, 30% of them are blacks. In the middle of Alabama you can find the capital Montgomery. Montgomery has 140.000 inhabitans. The swamp Gulfcoastplain forms the biggest part of Alabama. The Allegheny Mountains end in the north of Alabama. The Alabama is a river, that flows straight through the state. The farmers mainly grow corn, peanuts, soya beans and cotton on their fields. Alabama has a lot of ground treasures like, oil, gas, coal and iron. Mobile is the biggest port of Alabama.


Piedmont Plateau in Alabama (USA)

Thick forests cover the Piedmont Plateau. The highest mountain is the Cheaha Mountain (733 metres).


Space camp of the United States

Children can study the life of an astronaut, the simulated mission of a spacecraft and its construction.

by Andreas

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