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Exercise 2: Cities

After having found out some facts about the states we`re now going to visit some cities. Have a look at the map and click on the state you`ve chosen in the exercise before. You will come to another clickable map. 

You don`t know what a clickable map is? Well, it`s a map with hidden links. They are called "hot spots". Each state map has got two of these spots. You can find them by clicking on the names of cities. When you`ve found one an information page opens in a new window.

Under each map you will find the beginnings of sentences. You only can find the endings after having visited the cities.

So let`s start. 

  • Click on your state.

  • Find the two cities.

  • Look for the missings words. 

  • Write the sentences into your exercise book.

  • At the end of this exercise you will have to read your text to the rest of the class.

Exercise 3

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